The Healthy Hair Secret of Hijab-Wearing Women

Ellips - The Healthy Hair Secret of Hijab-Wearing WomenEllips - The Healthy Hair Secret of Hijab-Wearing Women

Even though their hair is protected from UV light, it does not guarantee that hijab-wearers are free from hair problems!

The most common problem for hijab-weareris hair that smells andeasily becomes oily . Lack of air circulation due to being covered  for a long time can cause humid scalp leading  to a dandruff problem. If it has already happened, hair follicles  working to grow new hair cells on the scalp becomes weakeer, making it easier to experience hair loss.  

All women must want to have healthy, fragrant hair that does  not become oily easily even wrapped in hijab. Don’t worry, we will make your #HairReady! Check more information below!

One of the ways to overcome hair problems in hijab-wearers is to choose the right haircare products, from shampoo to hair vitamin, there are so many shampoos  formulated especially for those who wear hijab. So that their hair will stay healthy and strong with natural ingredients as well as cooling sensation from peppermint. But, its not enough if you only use shampoo, Ladies!

! With a pretty complex hair problem, you can routinely treat your hair by using a hair mask minimum once a week. Hair mask  keeps your hair moisturized in the long term and help your hair all the way to the roots so that it will not easily break . Good news is, Ellips comes with 4 variants of Ellips Hair Mask complete with multi vitamin A, C, E and Pro Vit B5 to  give extra treatment to your beautiful hair. Even though your hair is covered, there is no reason to skip this step, Ladies!

To give your hair maximum health, use a hair vitamin every time after washing your hair. Afraid it makes your hair oilier? That’s so last year, Ladies! There has been  a study proving that hair needs oil other than natural oil because  hair moisture level is influenced by many other factors including th weather. The key is  using Ellips Hair Vitamin Moroccan Oil with Vitamin A, C, E and argan oil which  nourishes your hair all the way to the hair shaft and makes it smooth, shiny, and fragrant. Other than that, vitamin E in argan oil can also stimulate hair growth, Ladies! 

Lastly, to spare your hair, choose hijab material that absorb sweat easily and don’t forget to have air circulation for your scalp! Stay gorgeous wearing hijab, Ladies J